ECG Electrode Gel (48 Bottles) Ultrasound Accessories & Spares

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An electrocardiogram (ECG) Formulated for use with all kinds electro medical procedures (ECG, EMG,EEG) for monitoring heart activity Soluble in water and cleans easily No toxic and irritant effect on the skin neutral Ph Optimum viscosity No damage and corrosion to the ECG electrode


Loyal ECG Electrode Gel (Pack of 48) for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purpose is a multipurpose gel with excellent conductive properties specially formulated to provide clear and consistent ultrasound transmission throughout a broad range of frequencies, the ideal choice for all medical ultrasound procedures where a gel is preferred. No toxic and irritant effect on the skin, soluble in water and cleans easily, no oil and oily materials, no formaldehyde, no salt. No damage and corrosion to the ECG electrode. Exterior used in the checking skin areas of the ECG electrode.

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