ECG Electrode Gel (10 Bottles) Ultrasound Accessories & Spares

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An electrocardiogram (ECG) Formulated for use with all kinds electro medical procedures (ECG, EMG,EEG) for monitoring heart activity Transparent Odorless, Colorless Non irritating neutral Ph Optimum viscosity Non Toxic


Loyal ECG Electrode Gel for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purpose is a multipurpose gel with brilliant conductive properties exceptionally planned to give clear and consistence ultrasound transmission all through an expansive scope of frequencies, the perfect decision for all medicinal ultrasound methods where a gel is favoured. No poisonous and aggravation impact on the skin, the solvent in water and cleans effectively, no oil and sleek materials, no formaldehyde, no salt. No harm and consumption to the ECG terminal. Outside utilized in the checking skin zones of the ECG anode.

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