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Polyethylene Glycol 400 (PEG400)

  • It is considered the base of laxatives and has been considered important in manufacturing numerous medicines. Coupled with varied protein medications, PEGhappens to allow easy clearing of excessive protein in the blood.
  • As a water-soluble polymer, PEG is considered highly essential in creating osmotic pressures. Moreover, this exclusive ingredient is also helpful in conducting bio-membrane experiments. And also, it tends to prove fruitful in being used as a preservative.
  • Considering its effective use in biological turn, PEG is utilized for DNA isolation, a fusion of B-cells with myeloma, and making foam cushions Along with this, another side of biological use calls for concentrating viruses and creating ‘Gene therapy vectors. Not just limited to this, it is also used as a potentiator for boosting the detection process of antibodies and antigens.
  • On getting combined with glycerine, it is exceptional for usage as skin creams and toothpaste. Apart from this, its low molecular formulations actors ink solvents and lubricants for the print head.
  • PEG and its derivatives are extensively used as lubricants, softeners, conditioning agents, and antistatic agents for processing as well as finishing aids for textiles. Apart from this, the usage is also considered optimum for carding, spinning, knitting, and weaving the fibers.